What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a place where you can create and edit pages and invite other people to collaborate with you. You can create, or join, as many wikis as you like on Wikispaces.com. Each wiki can have an unlimited number of pages and files. This Student Summit wiki is hosted by wikispaces. You can read about wikispaces and watch video tours of how wikis work through the help tab at the top of this page or at www.wikispaces.com.

Using the Student Summit Wiki
The Student Summit Wiki has been designed to provide information about the upcoming Student Summit, to foster discussion on different topics as they relate to the ocean and climate and to serve as a platform to access each of the Learning Center's student delegation Wikis.

  • Discussion
Please post your thoughts in response to the discussion topics listed in the left navigation bar. Every two weeks a new discussion topic will be posted.

  • Delegation Wikis
The Student Summit wiki will serve as a platform to access each of the student summit delegations’ wiki space. Each delegation will be keeping an online journal of their project pre and post Summit. One of the tabs on the left is entitled "CELC Action Plans and Wiki Pages"; from this page you can access each of the participating Learning Center delegation's wikispaces. These individual wikispaces provide information exclusively about that delegation's research, topic, action plan and implementation.

  • Student Summit Information
Information regarding the Student Summit program, agenda, events and guidelines will be posted under this tab.

How can I comment on this wiki?

The wiki has several pages, which are listed on the left hand side of the screen. On each page of the wiki, you will see several tabs, "page", "discussion", "history" and "notify me". The "discussion" tab is where wiki members can post comments specific to that page. Members have the option of submitting a new post, or replying directly to a previous post. If you want to reply directly to a previous post, click on the subject line of the post and then you will have the ability to post a reply. All replies to a particular post are linked together.

Are there any pages where I can't comment?

Until a Discussion Theme is launched, the discussion tab will be closed. Once the theme is open, the discussion tab is open. Some pages of the wiki will remain closed because they are for information purposes only.